Edition Martin Thomas

For the past few years, the artist Martin Thomas and his partner Sylvia Homberg have been developing outstanding artist’s brushes for oil & acrylic painting together with lineo. The Edition Martin Thomas is one of the most visually appealing brush series on the market. However, looking good is only one of the unique characteristics of the brushes from Edition Martin Thomas. Only the highest quality materials are used. This includes unique hair mixtures and the best-quality real wood handles that have been varnished several times.  The lineo brush makers use these materials to produce the coveted Martin Thomas brushes by hand and are following traditional methods.

Acrylic and Oil color artist Martin Thomas and Sylvia HombergMartin Thomas

Martin Thomas has been working as an artist for more than 30 years. He is well known in the creative and art industry. In his art, he is very passionate about all different subjects like acrylic painting, oil painting or computer graphics. As an author of several books, he inspires people all over the world. His work is of high value, especially for beginners which he encourages to let their creativity flow and to use colors without hindering emotions such as fear or nervousness. Among his main fields of interest are demonstrations, painting courses and product development. Together with his partner Sylvia Homberg he has been working in their studio in Heilbronn since 2012. Together these two are an incredible team hosting events, at trade shows, in press reports or in painting courses.

His motto: “If we stop laughing, we have done something wrong!

Sylvia Homberg

Sylvia Homberg was born near the artist’s village Worpswede in Northern Germany. Since 2012 she is fully committed to art and is actively involved in the creative industry. Together with her partner Martin Thomas, she is travelling Germany from south to north. This special “north-south axis” inspires them in all their differences and both of them are highly benefiting from it in their representations. Together, they enjoy working with the most diverse styles and media. Sylvia Homberg is familiar with all different styles. From Modersohn to Oskar Koller, and from Picasso to Kandinsky. Sylvia’s artistic focus lies on acrylic painting and experimental new styles and techniques. Another strength of hers are numerous joint press reports as well as public demonstrations in various well-known art supply stores. Most of all, she enjoys working together with Martin Thomas.

Her motto: “The world is colourful, you just have to see it!

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