lineo black line – flat & long

2,50 12,90 

Oil and Acrylic brush lineo Series 396, “black line”, flat, black synthetic hair, seamless black aluminum ferrule, long black-lacquered wooden handle.

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This flat designer artist-brush with a long handle from lineo Series 396, is made for painting with oil and acrylic colors. As it is part of the “lineo black line”, brush makers paid attention to every detail when they were designing this outstanding artist brush. They chose some of their best black lineo synthetic hairs, a seamless black aluminum ferrule, and a nice black handle.

lineo black line – Pure elegance reduced to the bare minimum.

The oil & acrylic brushes from the lineo black line are clearly among the more individualistic brushes in our shop. Designed for people who know exactly what they want, the black line is both flashy and loud as well as reserved and shy.

Timeless design, high-quality materials, and the finest animal-friendly synthetic hair make it a unique brush. Made for everyone who has an expressive style and appreciates the special things in life and for painting. Made in Germany.