Acrylic Brush, flat – lineo PERFECT ACRYL

3,50 40,00 

Series 397, flat acrylic brush “lineo PERFECT ACRYL”, elastic red-brown synthetic hair, seamless nickel ferrule, long natural-lacquered wooden handle.

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Flat acrylic brush from lineo Series 397. This artist brush is made from “lineo PERFECT ACRYL” which is a special elastic red-brown synthetic hair. lineo brush makers are also using, a seamless nickel ferrule and a long transparent-lacquered handle. As its name already suggests, it is a perfect brush for painting with acrylic color. It is available up to Size 40, making it an ideal brush for large-scale painting as well.

Not only does this brush combine a nice design and great painting characteristics, but it is also a vegan alternative to natural hair. PERFECT ACRYL is also available as a round brush, Series 398. This brush is handmade in Germany.