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The artists most important tool

Over time, many different types and shapes of brushes have evolved. The development of artist brushes primarily focuses on the creativity of artists. As the creativity of artists actually doesn’t know any limits, there are artist brushes in every conceivable size and shape. Of course, certain basic shapes have become dominant, but their ongoing reinterpretation and further development continues unabated. It is mainly new materials that are being used in the creation of new artist brushes and that often offer amazing characteristics.

In our webshop, you will find brushes in all different shapes and sizes. Here, you will find information about the brush as a tool. Learn more about how brushes are made, what materials are used and why tradition and values are so important for artist brushes.

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lineo artist brushes has always been a german family business.

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Squirrel hair is a high quality material for brush making

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The brush maker is a profession with long history

The History of Brush-Making

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