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lineo brush makers become a part of Mesko

After many years of cooperation…

… lineo and Mesko took the next joint step. As per July 1st, lineo is part of Mesko. In addition to many common goals, the use of synergies and the potential for further national and international growth were the main reasons for this important strategic decision.
The bundling of competencies will strengthen the innovative power in product development in the future and also compensate for the lack of qualified personnel. In the long term, this should further strengthen Germany as a production location, as both companies in Central Franconia have a long history: lineo was founded in 1911 and Mesko in 1913. lineo specializes in the production of fine hair brushes (artist’s brushes and cosmetic brushes), while Mesko’s coarse hair brushes are mainly designed for painters. The lineo quality brand will be retained after the takeover by Mesko, thus rounding off the product range. Two young successors will take care of the preservation of 80 jobs in the region and the future of brushes “made in Germany”. Further information on the companies and products is available at and

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