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Discover ZIINA Cosmetic Brushes

We are very happy to announce that our ZIINA cosmetic brushes are now available online. Together with the make-up artist Franziska Knorr we have developed ZIINA Edition Franziska Knorr. The Edition includes 20 different cosmetic brushes that meet the requirements of professional make-up artists.

Just like our lineo artist brushes, all ZIINA brushes are “Handmade in Germany”. Only the best materials are used, and we place great emphasis on sustainability and longevity. One thing that was very important for us, was that all materials (handle, hair, glue) are free from harmful substances and suitable for sensitive skin.

The perfect gift for yourself, your best friend, and for all those you care about 🙂

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ZIINA Makeup Brushes - Black Powder Brush
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lineo brushes go green

Our brushes are produced green

During the conception of our new factory building also many new, environmental goals came up to our minds. Not only did we want to produce more efficiently, but also in a more environmentally friendly way. Right from the start of the conceptual work, we, therefore, thought about how this could be done, and how we would be able to make the best use of renewable energy. Half a year after we moved into our new factory, we are pleased to successfully have achieved most of these goals. Energy consumption has decreased significantly and we are now a proud manufacturer of green products.

Green energy production

We have installed a modern photovoltaic system on the roof of our new factory. For this, we have chosen to use the entire roof space of approximately 12,000m². By making use of this huge area, we are able to produce enough electricity to run our brush production self-sufficiently and even can feed in back to the grid on sunny days and weekends. Annually, that’s a whopping 1,110,000 kWh. This is enough to supply 280 four-person households or to drive an e-car 7,400,000 km equalling 185 rounds around the earth. The CO2 savings are enormous. We are emitting almost 540,000 kg less CO2 per year to produce our brushes. This is equivalent to the emissions of 90 average oil-fired heating systems.

Use of waste heat

In addition to generating green electricity, we also use the waste heat from the cooling water of our injection molding machines. Thanks to this waste heat, we can always keep our production halls pleasantly warm for our staff by using underfloor heating. As we will also be using less energy for heating in the future, this will further reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Flowers for more biodiversity

The green spaces around our factory actually don’t have much to do with production and green energy. Nevertheless, we can actively contribute to supporting our environment on some 3000 m². Insects are the most diverse group of animals. Including more than a million described species, they are representing around 70% of species. For other animals, such as birds, insects are an important source of food. Unfortunately, however, insects have been threatened in Europe for years, with populations steadily declining due to the ongoing destruction of natural habitats. In addition to habitat loss, insecticides used in agriculture also play an important role. With our flower meadow, we want to make our small but important contribution to biodiversity and give back some of the habitat. Together with our employees, we are looking forward to the splendor of the meadow flowers.

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110 Years lineo Artist Brushes

How it all began

110 years ago, Albert Bieringer founded a small brush factory in Bechhofen, Germany.  With a handful of employees and a clear vision, he thus laid the foundation for the later international success of our handmade lineo artist brushes. Albert Bieringer has always been committed to the high quality of his brushes. Also, has it been him, who began to implement innovation as one of the company’s core values. It is no surprise that Albert Bieringer saw his company growing during his lifetime.  Consequently, the initial factory building soon became too small for the young company. After the turbulence of the Second World War, work on the new factory building was to begin quickly. In 1950, the time had finally come to move into the new, modern factory building. It offered sufficient space for additional employees and storage.  This happened just at the right time, as the company’s export rate strongly increased. In the course of time, further modifications and extensions were made to the building and the family business should always be able to keep up with the latest technological developments.

Where we stand today

We just moved into our new brush factory at the beginning of 2021.  For the production of our lineo artist brushes and our lineo cosmetic brushes, we now have 1,200m² of production space. Since our brushes are mainly handmade, it was very important to us to create workplaces with large working areas and plenty of natural daylight. In the course of this, we have also acquired new, large work surfaces made of natural stone, and are now in the process of further technological upgrading and optimization. Together with our employees, we are working on building the bridge between traditional craftsmanship and digitization.

What the future brings

The anniversary year 2021 is all about the future. We know our roots and are living our values. This allows us to look forward and enables us to envision an exciting future for a traditional brand. Throughout our history, tradition and innovation have always proven to be the right values for our brand. They have always been driving growth and have been the key to customer satisfaction.

At first glance, these values seem very different. Both of them combined, however, will become more important in the future than ever before. Our modern world is driven by innovation. Yet it is tradition that decelerates, that grounds us, and reminds us of what is important. After all, the secret of success lies in the balance.

In recent years, we have gained new strategic partners and together with artists and retailers, we are working on exciting new projects. Not only the development of new brush series (such as our new Edition Albrecht Dürer) but also the further development of new synthetic hairs will help us stay ahead of the competition. It is self-evident that we will continue to commit to our high-quality standards. After all, it is the outstanding painting characteristics and the durability of our lineo brushes artists value so much.

lineo. Paint with the best.

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Happy Easter

Dear friends,

at lineo1911 we strongly believe that “Art is Love”! This is particularly evident at Easter. The days are getting longer and nature is awakening to new life. Everything blooms and the birds sing their songs. It is the perfect time to go out to enjoy the warmth of the sun, take a deep breath and gather new energy. Above all, however, it is a wonderful time to be inspired, to make art and to make the world a better, more beautiful place 🙂

We wish you a happy Easter, health, joy and love!


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lineo is Europes most advanced brush factory

Baustelle von Europas Modernster Fabrik für Künstlerpinsel. Fertigungshallen, Lagerhallen und BüroAfter more than 100 years of tradition and growth, it is time for a change. Space in production and office has become quite tight. Soon, lineo will move to Europes most advanced brush factory. After construction started in 2019, the lineo brush makers are preparing for relocation now.

Artist Brushes “Made in Germany”

As the main construction work has been completed, there is also rapid progress inside the new brush factory. In Fall 2020, Mesko & lineo will shift their production to their new facility. Europes most advanced brush factory covers an area of 10,000 m² equivalents to almost 108,000 ft².

Automation and digitalization will support the companies staff in near future. 

The aim is to create a better and more productive work environment. This is most important for all areas of handcrafting of artist brushes. A lot of concentration and accuracy is expected from the brush makers there. A modern workplace with fair working conditions is also a guarantee for the production of fair and sustainable products.

It has been a clear decision to continue production and growth in Germany. Further jobs are to be created in the future. With lineo brushes, artists benefit not only from guaranteed & consistently high quality but also from the stability of a company with a long tradition. This means that jobs at Mesko/lineo are secured in the long term and we can continue to rely on the high quality of the brushes we love.

lineo, fine brushes since 1911

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New Application Video HOBBY ROBUSTO

New application video with our HOBBY ROBUSTO

Hobby brush „HOBBY ROBUSTO“ (round brush Series 1157 & flat brush Series 1176), black extra strong synthetic hair, seamless nickel ferrules, short red-lacquered handles. Suitable for the following techniques: Acrylic paints, hobby paints, body painting, model making, ceramic paints, textile painting.

Many thanks to Elke Memmler for making this application video together! One can instantly see how versatile the HOBBY ROBUSTO is in everyday use. With its tighthair-body and good colour holding capacity, the brush is suitable for all colours. In the video we work with watercolours, acrylic paints and oil paints. Our brush convinces with all colors and is suitable for almost all painting techniques 🙂

Painting with the brush

The shape of the HOBBY ROBUSTO actually seems less suitable for watercolour painting. However, in this respect this brush is quite a nice surprise. Extraordinary for a synthetic brush is its great paint holding capacity. Therefore, it can be used to paint extremely long strokes. Due to the firm body of the hair, the brush always forms a perfect tip. This allows to paint fine lines or to use it as a writing- or calligraphy brush and for signing. The flat brush from this series is particularly suitable for watercolor painting. Again, the stable tip allows everything from extremely thin to stronger lines. You can nicely paint wide areas and can perfectly use it for different washing techniques.

The Hobby Robusto can be used on any surface. That is why we decided to use a plywood panel for testing the brush with acrylic paint. To prevent the paint from drying on the brush, it can be put into a glass of water without hesitation. Even if its left in the water a little longer, the hair is unlikely to take permanent damage or to bend in an unfortunate way. For testing with oil paints we used some cardboard. As with watercolour and acrylic, we painted with only one color. This did not allow us to show different techniques, but to focus on what matters. To show that the brush can easily be used with any paint. The HOBBY ROBUSTO can be used universally as a brush and after thorough washing can be used again for other colours.


lineo HOBBY ROBUSTO is part of any painters basic equipment. We are particularly proud of the balanced price/performance ratio which makes this wonderful brush accessible to everyone.

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Series 152 – Watercolor brush review – by Elke Memmler

I have extensively tested this new watercolour brush from lineo series 152. It is made of some amazing synthetic Kolinsky red sable hair and they have promised that I will not notice much of a difference.

I have extensively tested this brush and would like to give you my feedback and recommendation:

The brush can perfectly be used for all common watercolour painting techniques. The hair is an almost perfect imitation of delicate natural hair. It does not break, it does not spread and it bounces back nicely. This brush also permanently shapes a perfect point and there is no troublesome dripping, as it often happens with regular synthetic hair brushes. The brush should always be well wet and should therefore be able to hold plenty of water. Series 152 does all of this.

It is a great brush for slow, delicate painting, for the dry-brush technique, wet into wet technique, flat wash, graduated wash and other washing techniques.

Altogether I really recommend this brush. Another lovely product from lineo, handmade and individually tested in Germany.

The featured image of this Post is from Elke Memmler: Rote Rosen 22×49 cm

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lineo new brush 2020


Once again, we presented our new product together with Elke Memmler at this year’s Creative World in Frankfurt.

we have developed a strong black synthetic fiber as a high-quality equivalent for natural bristles for our new HOBBY ROBUSTO brush series. The advantages are similar to those of our popular gold-colored standard synthetic fibers: Long durability, easy to clean and good painting characteristics. The brushes have a great tight hair body that always comes back to its original shape. The flat brush forms a clean line edge.

Brushes from our HOBBIE ROBUSTO series have been designed for pasty colors and for painting on rough surfaces such as cardboard, wood, ceramics, etc. Suitable for the following techniques: Acrylic paints, hobby paints, body painting, model making, ceramic paints, textile painting. It is available as a round brush and as a flat brush.

You can also download the New Product 2020 flyer here and watch the video below 🙂

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lineo brush makers become a part of Mesko

After many years of cooperation…

… lineo and Mesko took the next joint step. As per July 1st, lineo is part of Mesko. In addition to many common goals, the use of synergies and the potential for further national and international growth were the main reasons for this important strategic decision.
The bundling of competencies will strengthen the innovative power in product development in the future and also compensate for the lack of qualified personnel. In the long term, this should further strengthen Germany as a production location, as both companies in Central Franconia have a long history: lineo was founded in 1911 and Mesko in 1913. lineo specializes in the production of fine hair brushes (artist’s brushes and cosmetic brushes), while Mesko’s coarse hair brushes are mainly designed for painters. The lineo quality brand will be retained after the takeover by Mesko, thus rounding off the product range. Two young successors will take care of the preservation of 80 jobs in the region and the future of brushes “made in Germany”. Further information on the companies and products is available at and

Newspaper-Article in German….

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Creative Tool of the Year

lineo Oktopus - Edition Martin Thomas

The Oktopus brush, size 20, from lineo Edition Martin Thomas is a recently developed special brush. It is ideal for abstract and impressionist painting. As one of the most inconvenient artists brushes available, it opens entirely new doors in the world of painting. New special effects and impressive expression forms are possible with this brush.

The Oktopus special brush is made from highest quality cotton threads, which are mounted in a round nickel ferrule on a black lacquered wooden handle. 

The brush is best suited for working with oil and acrylic colours. The octopus special brush is handmade in Germany.