Oil Painting Brushes

Oil painting requires a number of high-quality artist brushes. lineo oil painting brushes are all hand made in Germany. You will notice the difference.

lineo oil painting brushes are available in all different shapes. We have round- and flat brushes, filberts (cat’s tongue), fan-shaped brushes as well as varnishing and primer brushes. 

In our shop, you will find a variety of models. We put special emphasis on the breadth and depth of our assortment. You can choose between round brushes from size 2 to size 36 and flat brushes from size 2 to size 38. Varnishing brushes are available from the size 1/2“until 6“.

The high degree of expertise that goes into the manufacturing process is also evident in the number of hair and bristle types lineo brush makers are using. Only the best red sable hair, “Toray” as well as gold and red-brown-coloured synthetic hairs, natural ox hair, pure badger hair, white-bleached light bristles and white Chungking bristles are used to make truly outstanding brushes.

woman plein air painting with an artist brush and oil colors

Brushes for Oil Colors

Brush Hair