Oil & Acrylic Brush, filbert – Chungking Bristle

3,50 17,00 

lineo Series 313, filbert brushes for oil and acrylic painting. „lineo PROFESSIONAL BORSTE“ – white gummed Chungking-Bristles, seamless nickel ferrule, long cherry-red-lacquered handle.

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This filbert artist brush from lineo Series 313 is made for oil and acrylic painting. We have used the best Chungking bristle available, our  „lineo PROFESSIONAL BORSTE“.

Chungking Bristles are high-quality hog bristles coming from the region around the Chinese city of Chungking. This bristle is considered to be one of the best materials for oil painting. At lineo, only hand-selected bristle with long, deep flags is used for making these wonderful oil and acrylic brushes. The very flagged tips allow the paint to nicely soak, which makes the brush carry a lot more paint than other brushes. The white, gummed Chungking-Bristles have a nice stiffness which gives them wonderful painting characteristics. This brush offers flawless performance at the highest level 🙂

Brush makers also use seamless nickel ferrules and long red-lacquered handles. This filbert oil & acrylic brush is handmade in Germany.

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