Oil & Acrylic Brush XXL, round – Chungking Bristle


Oil and Acrylic brush. Round, extra-large, white Chungking-Bristle, nickel-plated ferrule, long lacquered handle. Production of this brush will start right after placing your order.

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The Oil & Acrylic Brush XXL from lineo Series 319 is truly big. Without a doubt, this oil & acrylic brush is the right pick if you like large-scale paintings. lineo brushmakers are using the finest white Chungking-Bristles, solid nickel-plated ferrules, and long lacquered wooden handles. The visible hair length is about 65mm. The total length is ca. 40cm. Handmade in Germany.

About Chungking Bristle

Chungking Bristles are high-quality hog bristles coming from the region of the Chinese city of Chungking. This bristle is considered to be one of the best materials for oil painting. At lineo, only hand-selected bristle with long, deep flags is used for making these wonderful oil and acrylic brushes. The very flagged tips allow the paint to nicely soak, which makes the brush carry a lot more paint than other brushes. White, Chungking-Bristles have a nice stiffness which offers the artist wonderful painting characteristics and flawless performance at the highest level 🙂

If not in stock, production of this brush will start right after placing your order. This might take up to two weeks.

Handmade in Germany.