Watercolor Brush, round – Kolinsky

3,95 1.170,00 

Round water colour brush, perfect sharp point, normal hair length, selected Kolinsky Sable Hair, seamless nickel ferrule, short black-lacquered handle.

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The round Kolinsky watercolor brush from the lineo Series 195 is one of our best artist brushes with superior quality. Brush makers only use the finest Kolinsky Sable Hair (normal hair length), a seamless nickel ferrule, and a short black-lacquered wooden handle.

Perfect Balance

The first thing you will notice while holding a Series 195 brush is how it feels in your hand. With every size, brush makers found the ideal way to harmoniously balance the weight. This is one of the many characteristics which makes it so pleasant to paint with.

Wonderful Painting Characteristics

Series 195 forms a wonderful sharp point that will snap back in shape after every stroke. The brush has a nice belly, giving it a great color carrying capacity and a perfectly even and consistent color flow.  Combined, these characteristics allow you to make impressively precise and long, flowing strokes.

Brushes from this Series are unrivaled in terms of quality, longevity, and painting characteristics. Together with lineo Series 95 (PREMIUM Kolinsky, available in sizes 4, 8 & 12), these brushes mark the highest level in traditional brush making. They are available from size 10/0 up to size 50.  Handmade at lineo in Germany.

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