Watercolor Brush, Series 95 – Premium Kolinsky Sable

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Series 95, round and sharp watercolor brush. Made from extra-well selected Premium Kolinsky Sable Hair. A seamless golden ferrule and a short black-lacquered Birchwood handle. Sizes: 4 / 8 / 12

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Our lineo Series 95 Premium Kolinsky Sable watercolor brush is handmade in Germany and unrivaled in terms of quality. It forms a nice belly and a perfectly crisp point. The high grade of control and the excellent color flow make it a rare pleasure to paint with. As an artist, you will feel the difference with every stroke.

Making a unique watercolor brush

There are two main reasons reason, giving this brush its truly unique painting characteristics. The first is, that brush makers are not just using high-quality Kolinsky Sable Hair. Only selected Kolinsky Sable Hair is used for making the Series 95 watercolor brush. The right hair length, color, and elasticity are vital for the brush’s spring and for forming that perfect sharp point. The second reason is the many years of experience lineo brush makers have. They pay attention to every little detail. The brush’s belly and color flow literally lie within their hands when making this brush.

Using the best materials

Also, all other materials that are used for making this brush, have been selected carefully. A seamless golden ferrule and a short black-lacquered Birchwood handle with a decent golden stamp make this brush a very special piece of traditional brush making.

For its protection, every brush comes in a tube. For environmental reasons, we decided not to use any additional packaging. This premium kolinsky brush is available in three sizes: 4 / 8 / 12

Handmade in Germany

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