Watercolor Brush, round – Synthetic Kolinsky

2,80 9,90 

Sharp watercolour brush EDITION Elke Memmler, outstanding brown synthetic filament “lineo sathetic hair”, seamless golden ferrule, short red-lacquered handle with golden tip.

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Sharp watercolour brush, outstanding brown synthetic filament “lineo sathetic hair”, seamless golden ferrule, short red-lacquered handle with golden tip.

The demands that lineo brush makers have on their raw materials are very high. This is why the development of this fantastic synthetic material took quite some time. The result is synthetic hair that almost perfectly imitates the characteristics of the natural Kolinsky Sable hair. The secret lies in a  combination of different hair lengths with different diameters as well as a hair shape that is inspired by natural hair.

The elasticity and color absorption is remarkable. The brush forms a perfectly sharp tip and a well-formed belly. The greatest advantage of this brush is that especially with bigger sizes you can easily tell the difference in terms of price but you can hardly tell when painting.

Handmade in Germany.


Review from Elke Memmler

I have tested this new water colour brush series 152. It is made of synthetic Kolinsky red sable hair. I have extensively tested this brush and would like to give you my feedback and recommendation:


The brush can perfectly be used for all common water colour painting techniques. The hair is an almost perfect immitation of the delicate natural hair. The hair does not break, it does not spread and it bounces back. This brush also holds the tip permanently very well and and there is no troublesome dripping, as it often happens with normal synthetic hair. The brush should always be well wet and should therefore be able to hold plenty of water. Because of its characteristics it is less suitable for dry acrylic paints and other dry painting techniques.

It is excellent for slow, delicate painting, for the dry-brush technique, wet into wet technique, flat wash, gradated wash and other wahing techniques.

Altogether I can really recommend this brush. Another new high quality product from lineo, handmade and individually tested in Germany. www.elke-memmler.de 

You can also download the lineo New Product 2018 flyer with the lineo Series 152.

Size Diameter Visible Hair Length
5/0 1,5 mm 5 mm
3/0 1,5 mm 7 mm
0 1,8 mm 8 mm
2 2,5 mm 11 mm
4 3,6 mm 15 mm
6 4,5 mm 19 mm
8 5 mm 22mm
10 6,5 mm 25 mm
12 8,2 mm 32 mm

Our Understanding of Quality

It is important to us that the brushes you find in our online shop retain their good painting properties even after extensive use. Therefore, our brush makers only work with selected materials that preferably come from Germany or the EU. Not only does this mean shorter supply chains, but it also helps us with quality assurance.

Vegan synthetic Kolinsky red sable hair is used for this watercolor brush. A seamless nickel ferrule and high-quality glue are used to keep the hair in place and give the brush its shape. The glossy black lacquered wooden handle comes from sustainable forestry. The varnish is free of SVHC substances and other substances listed in Annex XVII of REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006. Our lineo painting brushes are traditionally manufactured by hand.

Brush Cleaning

Depending on your preferred medium, the cleaning of brushes slightly differs. However, the paint should never dry on the brush because most paints dry waterproof and can otherwise only be removed with harsher methods. Here you will find a few tips and a video for cleaning your painting brushes.