Watercolor Travel Brush Kolinsky

22,40 178,90 

Sharp watercolor travel brush, normal hair length, selected pure kolinsky red sable hair, seamless nickel ferrule, short handle.

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The Series 199 watercolor travel brush is made from the finest Kolinsky Sable-Hair. This brush is designed for traveling and can perfectly be used for Plein Air Painting as well as for Urban Sketching.

It is made by senior brush makers who know how to make Kolinsky Sable-Hair brushes of exceptional quality. Once wet, this brush will form a nice sharp point and carry just the right amount of color.

The shape and color of the indigo lacquered Birchwood handle are characteristic of this brush. Brush makers use a seamless nickel ferrule and a plastic tube to protect the delicate natural hair.

Handmade in Germany

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8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

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