Chungking Bristle

Chungking bristle brushes are very popular among artists who are painting with oil and acrylic paints.  These brushes stand up very well to heavy-bodied use and solvent cleansers.  Depending on the personal style, the stiff bristle may leave a brush mark on the canvas but it can also define strong edges and wonderful, sharp details.

Chungking bristle is a natural hog bristle originating from the region around  Chunking in China. Due to the colder environment, the hogs in this region grow sturdy and long bristles making them one of the best natural bristles for brush making.

Once plucked, the bristles are gathered for further processing. They are bleached, boiled, and straightened. In order to get the highest quality paintbrushes, the bristles are interlocked by experienced brush makers.

Natural bristle has those very characteristic flags, which are sort of like split ends on each bristle.  The quality of the brush highly relies on the length of the flags, as they give the brush its agility and fluid capacity.

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