Watercolor Liner, sharp – Squirrel & Kolinsky

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Sharp liner brush (Series 109), for watercolor, body made of pure squirrel hair, the inlaid extra long tip is made from selected Kolinsky sable hair. Seamless nickel ferrule, short transparent-lacquered
handle. Comes protected in a tube.

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The lineo Series 109 is a masterpiece of traditional brush-making. For this watercolor liner brush, lineo brush makers use two types of fine natural hair. The body is made from squirrel hair, while the core is made from selected Kolinsky sable hair. The squirrel-body carries a lot of water/color while the Kolinsky-core forms a nice and crisp tip. Allowing you to paint extra fine and long lines.

For this watercolor brush, we also use a seamless nickel ferrule and a short wooden handle with transparent varnish. For its protection, the brush comes inside a tube.

Handmade in Germany

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