Swordliner Brush – Kazan Squirrel

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Swordliner / Striping Brush, finest squirrel hair, brass tube, extra short cedar-lacquered wooden handle.

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The lineo swordliner brush from Series 564 is made from the finest Kazan Squirrel Hair. The hair is the best natural hair that can be used for making this kind of brush as it offers superior color carrying capacity. lineo brushmakers also use a fine brass tube and an extra short cedar-lacquered wooden handle.

Series 564 form a nice long tip and holds its shape flawlessly for incredibly long, clean lines. You can use the Swordliner for:

  • Watercolor
  • Silk painting
  • Pinstriping or
  • Script Writing & Calligraphy

Truly a masterpiece of traditional brushmaking. Handmade in Germany